Defending against the #JeSuisCharlie Backlash (and Zaid Hassan Calls Me a Jihadist and a Cracker)

As with all things, the Internet has turned against what was ostensibly something good and nice and turned it into a steaming pile of trolling horse shit.  After political cartoonists from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were gunned down while doing their work by insane individuals claiming to have avenged their god, a movement began to show solidarity for the victims: #JeSuisCharlie

GOP to Outlaw Cock-Blocking

Cock Block GOP Credit: Romana Klee

Asserting that life begins as soon as a woman and a man enter into a conversation after 9pm, House Republicans have drafted a bill that would make any act that delays or prevents coitus illegal under federal law. 

A Note to Police Officers about Technology and Accountability

NYPD Police Officers and Occupy Wall Street Protestors Photo: Timothy Krause

Advances in data mining and facial recognition technology will assure that every officer brutalizing Occupy Wall Street protestors will have to answer for their actions.  Has anyone told the police?

Cities Battle Occupy Wall Street Tents, Ignore Ideas

Occupy Wall Street Riot Police Raid Tents Photo Credit

It would seem that no expense is too great, no amount of violence too brutal, for America's cities to battle the tents of Occupy Wall Street.  However, no mayor, no politician has engaged the tenants of the OWS movement. (Photo Credit:

Notes from the Berlin Wall 50th Anniversary Ceremony - 2011

Berlin Wall 50th Anniversary. Photo: Jennifer Martin

August 13, 2011.  Berlin -- The gravity of Berlin's tragic history belies the creative pulse of the modern culture factory new place. It's possible to visit Berlin and completely immerse oneself in galleries, cabarets, and discos and miss the scars completely. It's possible to live here and ignore the sacrifices and triumphs of your neighbors.

Object Attachment: Rösle Original Weißwurstheber (White Sausage Lifter)

Rösle Original Weißwurstheber White Sausage Lifter Photo Credit Jennifer Martin

The satisfaction of having a German, precision-made, single-use tool for cooking is a unique pleasure.  The sleek design, high-grade materials, and master craftsmanship give the cook authority over ingredients and technique.  The Rösle Original Weißwurstheber is such a tool.  Born of tireless research and flawless workmanship, there simply is no better way to lift a Bavarian white sausage (weißwurst) onto a plate.

Guest Blogging at Sustainable Cities Collective: Deutsche Bahn and Siemens partner for world’s most advanced train network

Deutsche Bahn Siemens Train Photo Credit Matt Buck

Sorry I've been out for a while folks.  Been laid up with some minor surgery.  I just happened to get an invite to guest blog from the fine peope at the Sustainable Cities Collective on the day I'm back to writing.

On Monday, Germany’s state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn and Siemens AG confirmed an order for 300 of the most advanced high-speed trains in the world.  In what amounts to a Hail Mary pass, the beleaguered Deutsche Bahn is pouring EUR 6 billion into 250km/h ICx train service through 2030.  Read the rest at the Sustainable Cities Collective.

Protestors Interrupt, Obama Sidesteps Issues on Manning

Obama Fundraiser Protest Photo Credit Logan Price Manning San Francisco

U.S. President Obama got a taste of Bay Area politics this last week when protestors broke up his breakfast fundraiser in San Francisco to confront him about the imprisonment and torture of whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning.  Obama's response proved he can roll with the punches, but it also showed that Obama is unwilling to say anything meaningful about Manning's mistreatment.  But then again, no one expects him to.

Disagreement over Costs and Capacity Distract from Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out

Anti Nuclear Power Protest Flag Atomkraft Memkaos

Wildly conflicting reports over the potential effects of Germany's nuclear phase-out are in the limelight, but the government and energy companies are missing the point.  Arguing cost and capacity is irrelevant in a country that decided more than a decade ago to leave nuclear behind.

Madden Class-Action Lawsuit: It's About Time, But Where Was the Justice Department to Begin With?

Madden EA Football Class Action Screenshot Screen

The exclusive licenses EA signed in 2005 with the NFL, the NFL Players Association, the NCAA and the Arena Football League stifled competition and led consumers to be overcharged.  Hopefully any settlement we Madden buyers get isn't something like "$5 off your next purchase from EA." I don't want another EA game.


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