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About Us

The Thought Cannon has assembled a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude, forged in the traditions of our ancestors. You have our gratitude.

Laurent Martin - Editor-In-Chief

Laurent is an opera singer, flaneur, and sometimes web project manager living in Berlin.  He's spent a lot of time doing fancy book-learning studying philosophy, music, and anthropology.  He used to work in Silicon Valley, but now he's recovered.  He believes in WikiLeaks, cooking everything from scratch, and off-color remarks.  Hopefully, he will get a dog soon.

Laurent Martin, Editor In Chief

Drew Eisenstein

Once called “a hobbyist” and “unfit for this graduate program” by one of the foremost scholars of 20th-century literature in the world, Andrew is a student of the absurd and the profane in popular culture.  He has dedicated a decades-long academic career to justifying those interests he developed at age 13: Video games, television, and the shittiest of all movies.  He is a life-long Mets fan.

Drew Eisenstein, Writer

S.K. Bentley

S.K. Bentley likes cake, a lot. She has an impressive collection of useless academic degrees and hopes one day to be a complete sell out.

S.K. Bentley, Writer

Brian Pifer

Brian spends his working hours making sense of the news and presenting it in a coherent fashion as the copy desk chief at the Santa Cruz Sentinel in Santa Cruz, California. He distrusts the official spin, and tries to read between the lines to understand the true motivations of governments, businesses and people. He likes cooking everything in one pot, and wants to see more video games that break the mold and show us what video games can be.

Brian Pifer, Writer

Lui Scherzo, Ph.D.

Scherzo, an enemy of technology, came by his name while 'studying' in Italy in the mid-60's prior to Infantry combat in Vietnam that decade. An inveterate traveler to some 80 countries, which included hitch-hiking from Europe to Pakistan, later across the Magreb, etc.  A life-long student with pages of transcripts, including a Ph.D. from UCLA. As a professor and professional "bull-fighter" he has fought bureaucratic and life's B.S. on behalf of students and veterans for decades.

Dr. Stoney Martin, Writer


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Our Mission

The Thought Cannon was created to provide an informative and entertaining source for news and opinion that will blow your mind. 

The Thought Cannon believes that a mix of humor and skepticism is the best way to fight the forces of the bloviating, ineffectual media (though we don't shy away from our own bloviating!).  We invite you join in the skirmish by commenting.

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