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Object Attachment: Rösle Original Weißwurstheber (White Sausage Lifter)

Rösle Original Weißwurstheber White Sausage Lifter Photo Credit Jennifer Martin

The satisfaction of having a German, precision-made, single-use tool for cooking is a unique pleasure.  The sleek design, high-grade materials, and master craftsmanship give the cook authority over ingredients and technique.  The Rösle Original Weißwurstheber is such a tool.  Born of tireless research and flawless workmanship, there simply is no better way to lift a Bavarian white sausage (weißwurst) onto a plate.

Under Google Control, Berlin Celebrates Mandated Ice Cream Sundae Anniversary

Boys At Ice Cream Counter Photo Credit: Jennifer Martin

If you clicked Google's scrumptious sundae-themed logo today, then you learned that it's the 119th anniversary of the first ice cream sundae in recorded history.  But even if you didn't, you were subjected to Google's compulsory mandate to eat ice cream today. 

Maillard Reaction Makes Bread Into Toast, Life Into Awesome

Maillard Reaction Coffee Photo Credit: Jennifer Martin

The Maillard Reaction is all around you, making your life totally awesome, and you don't even know its name.  It puts anti-oxidants in your coffee, justifies the money you spent on your BBQ, and it's why a corn dog is greater than the sum of its parts; and once you learn a little more about it, your life will never be the same.

Heaven Wrapped in Bacon

Bacon Slab Garlic

This summer, forget the traditional backyard barbecue. Wrap your barbecue in bacon.

A friend invited me to a Swine and Wine dinner party tonight. She supplied the bacon and wine. I had to bring something to wrap the bacon in -- and beer, because drinking wine with bacon seemed wrong on a fundamental level.

Tortilla vs. Bread: The Ultimate Showdown

Tortilla vs. Bread Photo Credit: Jennifer Martin

Just to show all of you that The Thought Cannon doesn’t shy away from the hot topics of the day, I’m going to go ahead and chime in on one of the great questions facing eating persons everywhere: which starch is superior: Tortillas or Bread.

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