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In Defense of the Jegging

Jeggings Sketch, Credit: S.K. Bentley

Look. I’m tired of people getting all up in my business because I don’t shun the jegging. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular portmanteau, the “jegging” refers to leggings made out of jeans: more specifically, stretchy denim. Why the close-mindedness, world? I’m not talking about wearing jeggings with a t-shirt tucked in, showing your cameltoe to the general population. I’m talking about tasteful use of jeggings: under a flowy top and tucked into hot boots. Really, the jegging should be seen only from about mid thigh to calf. Any more than that is disaster. But oh, that magical two feet of jegging-clad leg, the “sweet spot” of the jegging! They make you look like you can fit into wee skinny jeans, even when the scale and your ass tell you differently. You can still do deep knee bends in them, thanks to the generous spandex content in the fabric. And you never know when you need to do deep knee bends. Trust me on this.

The naysayers tell me I will regret wearing jeggings, that one day I will want to burn proof of my ever wearing them, but that I will be royally screwed because we live in a digital age, and burning photos these days achieves nothing but a delightful smoky aroma. Future-me will not be able to kill the evidence of present-me in jeggings. This is a valid argument, as there are fashion choices I regret today: the heavily shoulder-padded sweater, the felt pants with the gigantic houndstooth pattern, the hot pink acid-washed jeans. But truth be told, I suspected even back then that these clothing selections were questionable. Conversely, I still don’t regret wearing bike shorts under miniskirts in the late 80s and early 90s. Damn, I was cute! You will also have to trust me on this. I was adorable. Dateless, but adorable. Shut up.

But back to the jegging. Comfort? Check. Looks like skinny jeans without cutting off circulation or respiratory ability? Check. Permits you to do deep knee bends? Check. Goes with almost everything? Check. Keeps you warm in sub-arctic wind? Check. So where’s the flaw?

The answer is: there is no flaw.

So go forth and wear your jeggings with pride. Haters gonna hate. What are you going to do? Just shake your spandexy, denim-clad ass in their faces (I mean, the denim-clad ass you’ve tastefully covered with a longish, flowing top—because we don’t want to get ridiculous, here) and sashay off with pride. Because we look awesome, especially from behind.



Seriously. I did. I don't know why I put them back on the rack. I have the perfect flowy top hanging in the closet waiting to be worn for the first time, and screaming out to be matched with jeggings.
I do *not* have flat or low heel boots though. Thoughts on jeggings tucked into high heel boots? Hmm.. I don't know.


I tuck jeggings into high heeled boots all the time! I am wearing jeggings today! But tucked into fugly clown boots.

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