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How To Get Drunk The Worst Way Possible

Tampon Slimming Photo Credits: Tom Magliery, Laurent Martin,

It's called slimming and the teenagers you know are already doing it.  For anyone over 20, I'll explain what it is, but first you ought to disable all appall-sensing extensions or moral compass add-on's from your browser.  Slimming is getting drunk transdermally by dipping a tampon in vodka and then inserting it in the vagina (for the ladies) or the anus (for the gents).  The American import has just hit Germany, reports the Südkurier,  and as an American living in Germany, I couldn't be prouder.

NCAA an American Cinderella: Still Sweeping the Ashes after "The Big Dance"

For the love of the game

It’s late March, and those of us who follow college basketball are currently watching one of the most entertaining and surprising tournaments in recent memory.  Not a single of the top seeded teams in the tournament made the Final Four.  Not a single of the second seeded teams made it.  Only one of the third seeded teams is even there.  For a brief moment, Butler, an eighth seed, got to enjoy its second season in a row as Cinderella, but the arrival of the little heralded VCU, an eleventh seed, pushed them out of the lime light.  Unfortunately, though, this story will not end like the fairy tale.

Aging Infrastructure: The Cost of Doing Nothing

Cement Crack Algae

The deadly San Bruno natural gas pipeline explosion on Sep. 9, 2010, should have been a wake-up call: The nation’s underground infrastructure is dangerously old and needs to be inspected. 

Guardian Author is for Nuclear Power, Exemplifies the Term Fuddy-Duddy

Nuclear Power Vignette

Reporting with hunched back and squinty eyes, journalist George Monblot wrote in today's Guardian that the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi power plant has convinced him the nuclear power is not only safe, but the only viable energy source for the future of mankind. His rambling, Industrian Revolution-citing article ignores the real risks of nuclear power, adopts a "you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette" view of human life, and is painfully ignorant of the fact that sustainable energy policy is still highly dependent on future innovation.

WikiLeaks' Cables Prove Profit Concerns Delayed Life-Saving Updates

Photo Credit: Thierry Ehrmann

"We have seen too many cases of cost reduction competition through heightened efficiency jeopardizing safety." Such was the assessment by U.S. Ambassador to Japan J. Thomas Schieffer according to a diplomatic cable written in 2006 and published today by The Telegraph and Wikileaks.


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