NYT: Police Concerned with Bad Behavior only on Social Networks

Shepard Fairey Rise Above Cop Copyright Poster Police

If you are a sadistic, blood-thirsty police officer out to punish (what you consider to be) evildoers (read: minorities) with no regard to civil rights or due process, no problem.  Just don't go telling anyone about it online. 

The Last Time I Peed My Pants

Pee Pants Sketch By S.K. Bentley

Life is short, and sometimes it goes by so quickly that you don’t know you are reaching Significant Milestones as you go through your day.

So when I peed my pants during the field trip to Mount Vernon in the third grade, I didn’t know that that would be the Last Urine of Bentley (at least until I get that “elderly incontinence” problem I’ve seen referenced in Whoopi Goldberg ads for “Poise” pads).

AMC's "The Killing" an Investment in the Banal

AMC The Killing TV Show Mireille Enos Joel Kinnaman Credit:Chris Large

Will AMC, in grand Don Draper fashion, rise to the occasion, or will a shit-storm of Walter-White-ian proportions strike?

It's not Alcoholism, It's Philanthropy: Getting Drunk on Corporate Social Responsibility

Beer Alcohol Corporate Social Responsibility Photo Credit: Jennifer Martin

Charity options have traditionally been limited for people unaccustomed to signing novelty-sized checks.  But now you don’t have to wait until you get to the wino waiting outside the liquor store to give, you can start right at the register.

Facebook Status Update Guide Part 1: New Content is Not Annoying Content

YouTube Counter Photo Credit: Laurent Martin

As a prolific poster of much-enjoyed (and modest!) Facebook status updates, I thought I would provide some helpul hints for you so that my news feed is more interesting to read.  This first feature provides tips for posting content that gives the impression that you are hip on Internet trends instead exposing how painfully unaware you are that there is an internet beyond Facebook and the Food Network Online.

Under Google Control, Berlin Celebrates Mandated Ice Cream Sundae Anniversary

Boys At Ice Cream Counter Photo Credit: Jennifer Martin

If you clicked Google's scrumptious sundae-themed logo today, then you learned that it's the 119th anniversary of the first ice cream sundae in recorded history.  But even if you didn't, you were subjected to Google's compulsory mandate to eat ice cream today. 

Riding around in Cars without Seatbelts: How Did I Survive the 80s?

Riding In Car No Seatbelt

In my family, we never wore seatbelts. It wasn’t until I was in the seventh grade and saw an episode of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” that showed how seatbelts increase safety when riding in a car, especially if you’re in an accident! BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Honestly, I do not know how I made it through my childhood.

Give Angry Birds the Bird

There's nothing wrong with Angry Birds. It's a well-designed, highly addictive game that is simple and intuitive enough to appeal to the masses. Bravo, Rovio. Golf clap.

Problem is, the Angry Birds machine is out of control, sucking limited consumer dollars away from other, equally deserving independent game developers. You want to know how the developers came up with the locale for their latest release, Angry Birds Rio? They all probably vacationed there during the cold Nordic winter. Rovio's gotten its millions -- it doesn't need any more.

Why the Editor of This Website is a Communist and Baseball Represents All That Is Great in America

Baseball Closeup

After waking up this morning, cooking eggs, and watching my daily array of YouTube videos of cats falling down, I figured I’d write up a nice little piece about how excited I am by the return of baseball.  I was aghast to find that the editor of this site, Comrade Laurent Martin, gazzumped me with an extended article about why baseball is responsible for the demise of civil discourse. 

Baseball Status Update Season Begins, Bores

opening day tweets 2011 status update

Yesterday was opening day for Major League Baseball and regardless of how little you care about it, I'm sure you were aware of it.  It's pretty much impossible for me to sufficiently prepare myself for baseball season and the relentless volley of inane tweets and status updates.  By the time they subside, the weather will have turned and the other seasonal depression will have set in.


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