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Object Attachment: Rösle Original Weißwurstheber (White Sausage Lifter)

Rösle Original Weißwurstheber White Sausage Lifter Photo Credit Jennifer Martin

The satisfaction of having a German, precision-made, single-use tool for cooking is a unique pleasure.  The sleek design, high-grade materials, and master craftsmanship give the cook authority over ingredients and technique.  The Rösle Original Weißwurstheber is such a tool.  Born of tireless research and flawless workmanship, there simply is no better way to lift a Bavarian white sausage (weißwurst) onto a plate.

To understand the aesthetic of the white sausage lifter, one must understand the technique of weißwurst preparation and the culture of preparing and eating it. 

Weißwurst is a specialty unique to Munich.  It is only produced within a 60-mile radius around the city and, according to a tradition started before refrigeration, must be eaten before noon.  Weißwurst is accompanied by Weißbier (wheat beer), pretzels, and eaten with a special sweet mustard.

For those of you who aren't math majors out there let me summarize the tradition's mandate: eating before noon + accompanied by beer = drinking before noon.  It's tradition and it's beautiful.  But I digress.

The sausage is extremely refined.  The herby, soft center is covered by a delicate skin which, though removed before eating, should only be removed after serving.  To cook the sausage, it is slowly warmed in simmering water that is not allowed to boil.  It should never boil.  If the sausage is boiled, the delicate skin will burst, destroying it.

When ready to serve, the hot sausage stuffing should be just about to burst the skin.  Volatile.  Using the wrong method or, god forbid, the wrong tool to move the sausage from the water to the plate could mean tragedy as well as embarrassment for the server.

In the exquisite moment between pot and plate, forks are a threatening menace to the weißwurst skin.  Tongs are clumsy and prone to slippage or bursting the skin with too much pressure.  Scalding the hands would be a worthy sacrifice to ensure that the sausage not be disgraced.

Enter the Rösle Original Weißwurstheber.  It is perfectly shaped to accommodate the curve of the sausage without inflicting trauma on its skin.  The unity of motion one feels when using it makes cooking and serving an act of grace.  Water drips off the sausage as it slides elegantly (and fully intact!) onto the plate.  Tradition is honored, and the coziness and fellowship of the Weißwurst breakfast are preserved.

In addition to the superior product, a 60-page bilingual and thoroughly German guide is included.  It explains the story of the lifter's conception, the research and testing period (complete with images of sample sausages laid out on grids), and even techniques for eating the sausage once it has been served.

An excerpt from the guide:

New White Sausage frontiers had to be opened, new White Sausage horizons explored.  We took up the challenge with bravado and seriously began our quest to find the ideal White Sausage serving tool.

It's nice to know that no matter how much thought I've put into cooking and my batterie de cuisine, Rösle has gone even further.

Price: €21.45

Available on the Rösle corporate site.



Alton Brown would sass you for your celebration of such a single use product.  However I think it's grand!


This is awesome. Kitchen gadgets are some of my favorite things. They make life so much better!


Your spoon has a hole in it.

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