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Free Speech

Defending against the #JeSuisCharlie Backlash (and Zaid Hassan Calls Me a Jihadist and a Cracker)

As with all things, the Internet has turned against what was ostensibly something good and nice and turned it into a steaming pile of trolling horse shit.  After political cartoonists from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were gunned down while doing their work by insane individuals claiming to have avenged their god, a movement began to show solidarity for the victims: #JeSuisCharlie

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The Thought Cannon was created to provide an informative and entertaining source for news and opinion that will blow your mind. 

The Thought Cannon believes that a mix of humor and skepticism is the best way to fight the forces of the bloviating, ineffectual media (though we don't shy away from our own bloviating!).  We invite you join in the skirmish by commenting.

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