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Madden Class-Action Lawsuit: It's About Time, But Where Was the Justice Department to Begin With?

Madden EA Football Class Action Screenshot Screen

The exclusive licenses EA signed in 2005 with the NFL, the NFL Players Association, the NCAA and the Arena Football League stifled competition and led consumers to be overcharged.  Hopefully any settlement we Madden buyers get isn't something like "$5 off your next purchase from EA." I don't want another EA game.

Give Angry Birds the Bird

There's nothing wrong with Angry Birds. It's a well-designed, highly addictive game that is simple and intuitive enough to appeal to the masses. Bravo, Rovio. Golf clap.

Problem is, the Angry Birds machine is out of control, sucking limited consumer dollars away from other, equally deserving independent game developers. You want to know how the developers came up with the locale for their latest release, Angry Birds Rio? They all probably vacationed there during the cold Nordic winter. Rovio's gotten its millions -- it doesn't need any more.

No Pistols in SOCOM 4? Are You Kidding Me?

Socom 4 Screenshot

PlayStation’s SOCOM series has always stood out from the console shooter competition. The obvious reason is the third-person view. But more than that, the series has always stressed realism, tactics and strategy, which is why it puzzles me that Zipper Interactive decided to leave pistols out of its newest version of the game, SOCOM 4, for the PlayStation 3.

One World: Can Video Games and Television Coexist?

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that the Syfy network and Trion Games (Rift)are embarking on that grand quest to create a total artwork for the 21st century: A crossover television series and MMORPG, tentatively titled One World.  The big question is, will users invest in a new intellectual property just because it promises to be the universal world?

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