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Why the Editor of This Website is a Communist and Baseball Represents All That Is Great in America

Baseball Closeup

After waking up this morning, cooking eggs, and watching my daily array of YouTube videos of cats falling down, I figured I’d write up a nice little piece about how excited I am by the return of baseball.  I was aghast to find that the editor of this site, Comrade Laurent Martin, gazzumped me with an extended article about why baseball is responsible for the demise of civil discourse. 

NCAA an American Cinderella: Still Sweeping the Ashes after "The Big Dance"

For the love of the game

It’s late March, and those of us who follow college basketball are currently watching one of the most entertaining and surprising tournaments in recent memory.  Not a single of the top seeded teams in the tournament made the Final Four.  Not a single of the second seeded teams made it.  Only one of the third seeded teams is even there.  For a brief moment, Butler, an eighth seed, got to enjoy its second season in a row as Cinderella, but the arrival of the little heralded VCU, an eleventh seed, pushed them out of the lime light.  Unfortunately, though, this story will not end like the fairy tale.

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